Our Mission Statement

We are trying to create the best possible Wachtelhunds in the USA. We have had eight litters since we started breeding. We are currently breeding from seven different bloodlines, six of which have been recently imported directly from Germany. We will be importing more Wachtelhunds in the future as we need to add more bloodlines to the gene pool.

We are encouraged to see other breeders such as Last Chance Wachtelhunds to be using our bloodlines such as Hecht (Pike) who is the father to Allie Vom Flint Hills (Bennelli) and right now is their main breeding Wachtelhund. His future breeding female, Lexy Vom Last Chance, is also in the same bloodline as Hecht (Pike).

Right now we own nine different Wachtelhunds and feel that they are from some of the best bloodlines from Germany. We will continue to promote and hunt the best possible Wachtelhunds we can. To my knowledge we have the most bloodlines in the USA. Please call us if you have any comments or questions.

John Oberhaus

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